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  • Thirty Years In The Making

    The Century Series from Chris Kamm

  • Fire & Steel

    With Master Blacksmith Jeff Fetty

  • Forged From a Different Era

    The Steel Bottle Opener from Stephen Yusko

  • History in the making

    Hand-blown Flasks - A This Land exclusive from John Geci

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Handcrafted from the American Spirit

All across the country — in wooded workshops, mountain cabins, and urban studios — artists are at work. They’re creating classic pieces with their own two hands, relying on time-honored techniques and a dedication to craft that’s as old as America itself. Each of their pieces tells a story; a story that you inherit and pass on for generations to come.


Blue Ribbon Apple Pie

July 18, 2014

It’s been said that the better the food looks and the more intentional its presentation, the better it will taste. It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment this time of year, as summer harvest yields fresh vegetables and fruits for the weekly menu at home. On the heels of July 4, there’s nothing that says...

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#MYAMERICA is a place of peace

July 04, 2014

My America is a place where peace is a given. A place where family can be raised in a neighborhood of their choosing in accordance with their means. My America is a place where a good education is available to every child and their future success depends on their willingness to start at the bottom...

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#MYAMERICA is a place of possibility

July 04, 2014

My America is a place of possibility. It is this possibility that draws people from all over the world. Possibility of a better life, which is not a guarantee or easy, nor is it always encouraged or supported. However, in my America it is possible. People go to great lengths...

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#MYAMERICA is flourishing

July 03, 2014

My America is a sturdy, flourishing tree showcasing an array of branches bursting with blossoms of opportunity. Its roots extend through all the continents of the world. Its bark is uneven, with some ugly places. The tree has been fertilized, nurtured, and sustained by the...

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