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The Perfect Fall Latte

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The Perfect Fall Latte
21st Century Pioneer

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21st Century Pioneer
Amy Tavern Pt. 2 - An Artist's Inspiration

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Amy Tavern Pt. 2 - An Artist's Inspiration


Woodworker Kurt Meyer Woodworker | Kurt Meyer

Artist Kurt Meyer is able to achieve an enviable level of detail in his work by using an array of carefully maintained hand tools. As he says of his woodworking process, “No lasers or CNC routers, just me and my sharp tools having fun.”

Blacksmith Stephen Yusko Blacksmith | Stephen Yusko

Stephen Yusko is a highly sought-after speaker and teacher who lives in Cleveland, OH. His work reminds us of an era when objects were well-designed and made to exacting standards. His timeless works are a perfect example.

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From wooded workshops, to mountaintop cabins, to urban studios, we travel across this great land to discover America's most inspiring craftsmen and bring their handmade, limited-edition works to you. In an era of machine-made uniformity and constantly evolving technology, we believe the American spirit is as strong as ever. It's in the hard work, integrity, and passion of America's craftsmen. Read More

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